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Responsive Websites 

In July 2018 google introduced mobile first indexing. What this means is google nows uses the mobile version of your website when crawling and ranking a website. And while google has always used speed and website performance to some extent in factoring where it will rank your website it has now become even more important.

Mobile browsing has now overtaken the traditional method of using a PC or Laptop to browse the web and google does not intend on giving users a slow laggy experience so if your site is slow you have an uphill battle to get google to rank your site. Even if you are lucky enough to rank highly users will simply click off.

Google Ads

If you are using google ads you will also pay more for your advertising. Google factors in user experience when charging you for ads and if a user has to click on a slow website google is going to charge you more cash for the privilege. Google is providing a service and want to give users a good experience. So if your website loads fast google will reward you with cheaper advertising costs. 

Mobile Website  Design

Just because a site is mobile responsive does not mean it is fast. If the designer doesn't know exactly what they are doing you could be left with a website that crawls at a snails pace. Lots of designers hand over websites that are just templates and are bogged down with coding and rendering issues.

With the exception of ecommerce websites all our websites are hand coded and custom designed which means a much faster user experience for your clients. We can of course custom design an ecommerce website if you like but with the difference in price in the region of 3000-4000 per site most people find a pre made template more cost effective.

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