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Mar 7

Should you buy a single page website

The pros and cons of a single page website

If your thinking of buying a website then a single page website is definitely something worth considering especially if you are an individual looking to start your own business or if you are just looking to showcase your work to potential...

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Sep 20

Looking to buy a website?


Advice when buying a website

So before you approach a web designer there a few things you should think about that might help speed things along and also save you some money in the process. Firstly you should try to have a good idea of what goals you have and exactly what you are...

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Jul 30

Increase Website Traffic - Get Blogging

Want to increase your website traffic? 

When it comes to increasing website traffic and ranking it on google and other search engines there is a number of factors that will come into play and a lot will depend on how competitive your particular field is. But the 3 most important...

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Jul 28

Starting an Online Business - Website Pitfalls to Avoid

Online business start-up. Pitfalls to avoid. 

Don't run before you can walk.

Too much too soon is not always the most sensible course. It can not only overstretch you the business owner it can also overstretch your budget. Start small concentrating on a niche product or service....

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Apr 27

Web Design Blog

Web Design / SEO Blog

Welcome to our Web Design Blog. Here you will find plenty of ideas and tips and strategies when it comes to managing your website and implementing a positive SEO strategy. Ranking your website highly on google is no doubt a big challenge, in most fields the...

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